Summer Makeup Look With My Favorite Makeup

Hi everyone you're watching MUD by Shaun and in this video I'm going to share with you a make up routine that I've been doing lately this summer season in the Philippines

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a full face makeup look.  This is kind of like my go-to make up look if I need to leave in 30 minutes or 15 minutes. This is the make up routine that I do. I’m not going to use full coverage make up nor am I going to use foundation at all.

I do not want to clock my pores during in the summer heat.

And I'm going to start. First I use Hydration Moisturizer by Celeteque because it's the summer and we need a lot of moisture. We need to let our skin drink water. This is water for the skin. Alright so that's my first step.

Next would be to fix my eyebrows. Because eyebrows. Ha ha. You don't need a reason to have  eyebrows. OK I'm using here the Maybelline Fashion Brow 24HR Coloring Mascara in the shade 5 Dark Brown. I'm just going to brush the product against my eyebrows hairs and work really fast with it by using an angle brush to push the product in. I can also use the angled brush to give my eyebrows a shape. If you have sparse eyebrows you can put more. But I want them to look as natural as possible.

I'm really digging this fresh makeup look that I've been seeing lately on big brands and I guess this is the inspiration for how I've been doing my makeup lately.

Now I'm going to go to my eyeshadows.  In this case I'll be using Lorac Unconditional eyeshadow or Lorac Mauve eyeshadow because this is the most natural-looking color on my lids. Going To put that on the crease fold of the my eyes. 

And, I'm going to go and get fluffier brush to go and get a peachy color or sunkissed-color like this Sunlit by Kyolan. And kind of blended it in with my Lorac color. Now I look like I'm sunburned. I can also use the sunlit for my cheeks if I wanted to.

Eyeliner. Using my Etude House Drawing Show or the NYX Cosmetics Whirlwind. I'm just going to draw thin wings on the sides of my eyes open them up a little bit more. And then kind of blending it in my lash line because I don't want this to be a made-up look or Instaglam.

Then to curl my eyelashes in this video I use my Nichido lash curler.  This curler has crimped the sides of my eyelids once or twice before but I still use it. Use at your own risk. Ha ha. This lash curler is very effective in curling my lashes though, so I still use it.

Then, I'm going to use my Lancome Virtuose Mascara.  This is my favourite non-waterproof mascara lately.  I think the mascara brush is doing the magic. And in the day my mascara does blend into my eye lids so that's fine by me but I do not put mascara on my lower lashes. This is the best mascara ever used so far.

Forthe lips, I have been using the Nivea SPF 15 lip balm. 

But if I wanted color on my lips I would look for a coral lipstick like this NYX Lipstick Femme.

This is the look that I've been wearing lately during the summer. If I wanted to sport a dark lip during the day something that would not wash off really quickly is Colorpop Beeper. If you have seen my Instagram pictures you might see I wear Colourpop’s beeper frequently.

But in this video I just wanted to share with you the fresher version of this makeup look.

Thank you for watching this video.  Don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and click the Like button and please please do comment if you need me to share anything, if you have any questions or if you really like this make up and you just want to make the shout out. Please do. Thank you bye-bye. Thank you for watching.

A Head Full Of Dreams Coldplay Tour In Manila Ticket Price and VenueReview (PLUS Personal Experience)

We were in the Bronze area, second farthest from the stage. But thanks to the 3-inch tube leg of a railing, we were able to balance and elevate ourselves above a see of heads and cellphones. 

I was up on the first song. 

Egan was on the second. 

Then we'd switch again and so forth.

Taking turns per song, we would get to see the entire stage,

Thought Of A 90s Kid On Saban's Power Rangers Movie

I, a kid who grew throughout the 90s, am having flashbacks after watching Saban's Power Rangers.
"Ako si Kimberly!  Ako si Pink Ranger!" I could remember saying that to my sister.  She is Trini, the Yellow Ranger of course.   
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was on TV at dinner time.  Right after afternoon playtime of patintero, chinese garter, scotty, Barbie2x and bato lata with my barangay barkada. 

Nostalgia full force on MUDbyShaun.

Here are some questions and thoughts I had after watching the movie.
BTAB then The Power Rangers?
Just last week, we were treated to the reimagining into live action version of the Disney movie Beauty and The Beast (BTAB).  It got me singing tunes from the original soundtrack for a good six days probably.  The BTAB craze has died down a bit but when I watched Saban's Power Rangers in Centrio Mall Cinemas last Sunday, there was still a cue for the Disney movie.

Click to read my no-spoiler review of Beauty and the Beast

This week marks the dates we get to watch the reimagining of (personally) one of my favourite heroes from when I was still a kid.  It became available in Philippine cinemas and around the world since last Thursday and I hope they extend the showing dates because a lot more friends are hoping to see it.  Especially since payday is coming! hahhaha

Do I Mind The Remakes?
I really do not mind the trend of remaking movies from the 90s.  Especially if they redo these to improve the execution of graphics, special effects, and to reinforce the foundations of the background stories.

Sure producers are hoping to recapture the audience from a generation that has grown up and now have buying power, per se.

But, the Power Rangers were my heroes growing up and it was so exciting to watch this movie based on what I had in my childhood!

The 90s was cool and cinemas are bringing them back making them cooler!

Running Time:  2hrs 6mins

Movie Schedules in Cagayan de Oro 

Centrio Cinema 2
12:00 NN
2:25 PM
4:50 PM
7:15 PM
9:40 PM

Easy Eyeshadow Makeup Video Tutorial - (Eye Makeup For Wedding)

Below is a "Get Ready With Me" kind of eye makeup for a wedding I attended.

This is for eyeshadow makeup only and I already did my foundation and subtle contouring.  This was so nice paired with a nice color of nude lipstick* (link to the review of this product on the bottom of this post).

In this video I will show you an eyeshadow eye makeup look.

Not too overpowering, not too overwhelming.  But just a simple look but more than the ordinary No Makeup Makeup Look.

This is close to Instaglam but not too obvious.

*pearl shimmery eyeshadow
*bronze shimmery eyeshadow
*matte brown eyeshadow
*matte coffee eyeshadow
*dark gray eyeshadow
*matte blue eyeshadow (hint detail)
*matte black eyeliner

- eyeshadow crease brush
- blending brush
- lash curler


This was for a blue-themed wedding.


Music by Andrew Applepie:




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Beast Makeup Transformation (Disney Beauty and The Beast 2017 Movie)

Show your dashing debonaire smile!
My makeup and creative lifestyle blog, has a new video!
Thank you for reaching this post. :)  I'm happy that I am not alone in this obsession over the latest movie from Disney.

Below is the newest among my makeup videos.  It is a makeup transformation video from bare-faced me to Disney's Beast a.k.a. Prince Adam in Beast mode. hehe!

I am proud to say I am adding this to the many halloween makeup makeup ideas in the main site also among the movie looks included from Disney.

Click on the video play button to see the transformation.

I was so inspired by Disney Beauty and The Beast 2017 remake of the 1991 animated movie of the same title.

I add this to my mix of Halloween Makeup tutorials.

A lot of people, including myself fell in love with the Beauty and The Beast 1991 animated  movie.

DISCLAIMERS:  The Beast from the movie is not my original character design and it is by Disney. This video is only with makeup and not with how to make the horns for the beast, or the facial hair for the beast.

Hesitant about a "more realistic" remake of the film, here are my feelings about the Beauty and The Beast 2017 version:


This is not a sponsored post.


Video recorded on iPhone SE

Edited with iMovie on iPhone SE

Music by Andrew Applepie:




About my channel:

The video channel is for MUDbyShaun and MsShaunoftheDay is a makeup and creative lifestyle blog.

Every now and then expect randomness in this channel due to the nature of the mind of a creative.

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Beauty and The Beast 2017 Remake Spoiler-Free Movie Review

I promise I will absolutely give no spoilers in this review, as always.

I dodged every post, status review, and buzz related to the newest block buster movie everywhere yesterday because I wanted to go to the movies with no biases except for HOW I LOVED EVERY BIT OF THE ORIGINAL MOVIE SO PLEASE... DON'T MESS IT UP! 

Emma And Dan
Let's begin with the main cast of

Powder Matte Lipstick With The Perfect Touch Of Nude

I'm going to share with you a product that I got a few days ago.  I was just trying it out for a while to see how I really feel about the product.

The Rave Is Real!
The Maybelline New York The Powder Mattes Colorsensational Lipsticks were just released a few weeks ago and they are flying off the shelf. 

I got it in the shade Touch of Nude. And, I understand why people are raving about it because just look at the shade. It is pretty. Very pretty. And, while I was in the store, somebody was looking for this exact shade as well. 

I'm so sorry for that girl because I had the last tube. She's going to have to wait for the next batch I'm so sorry I feel so mean right now. Hehe.

Touch of Nude matches perfectly on my lips.  I am a medium skin toned Filipina with part Chinese and Spanish blood.  I can wear some foundations with yellow undertones and some with pink undertones.  It is confusing sometimes but this lipstick just fits my complexion.

Watch the video to see how this lipstick applied on my lips even without using a lipstick brush.
In terms of formula, it feels like my lipstick Happy Skin. I have one at home in the shade IT girl. 

What do I think?
This is a steal basically. 

Really congratulations to Maybelline you really named it properly, I mean “Powder Mattes”. This doesn't feel glossy. This doesn't feel icky. It doesn’t feel slimy. 

I could even go on entire afternoon without remembering that I had lipstick on. It doesn't feel like I have any product on my lips. It is very light weight and it does feel like powder. 

So I have a feeling this is gonna be sold out always. Especially since, it’s a new product and the makeup hype on it is already high!

Watch Out For More Reviews
Next NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade London, Copenhagen, Abu Dhabi, and Prague. 
Jordana from their Modern Matte Lipstick. I have it in the shade number 15 Matt Goddess. 

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel Shaun Pilapil and watch out for more videos from me. 




Kong: Skull Island Makes Kong More Real To Me Now

NO SPOILERS promise!
Kong: Skull Island was just released in Philippines cinemas this week.  And this tells me a more clear story with actors that do not overpower the storytelling.

Expect this star-studded film with the actors Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. Riley, and (of course my favourite) John Goodman leading this retold story of discovering King Kong.

TADA! A Night Out Look -- Easy Makeup (aka INSTANT DIVA TUTORIAL Full Makeup List)

Hahaha!  Really, I just had to catch your attention with that title.

But honestly, I think this look exudes that confidence and that “this is how I look and I don’t care what others say” attitude.

With just a little eye makeup, minimal eyeshadow, eyeliner and dark lip that are prominent, it becomes an entire strong look.  

Happy International Women’s Day!


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