Halloween Makeup 6: Mad Hatter

Today, I did the makeup look for The Mad Hatter, the most colorful character in the movie Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton.

It was almost too tacky to create this as there are so many things needed for the character alone.
I learned from my teachers that details are always important. So, no matter how difficult it was, we pushed though.

The exhaustion was worth it. Egan, my model in this shoot, agreed that the hassle paid off.

I did a couple of changes in how i shot the photos for this one. Stephanie Go suggested lighting might make the shots better. But I could only use what i have in my apartment -- a lamp and a cellphone. ☺️
Egan and his Mad Hat ;)

Thank you.

In the movie, the Mad Hatter was portrayed by Johnny Depp, of course. Although my fave character he portrayed is still Edward Scissorhands.

So yup, that's it.

By the way, Egan Seccion made the hat for this Halloween look. For props, contact him through facebook.