Halloween Makeup 8: Emily the Corpse Bride

Many requested for her makeup look.  I'm not sure if it's what they want for their wedding too. 😜

I have had more than couple of people suggest I create the Corpse Bride inspired makeup, but i do this not only because they say so but also because "I know I want to". 

There are a  lot of internet photos of people doing this makeup and to be honest this was the reason why I hesitated at first. Following the norm is something I have difficulty doing.  Doing something different would fix it of course.

If you are a fan of Corpse bride, remember the moment When Emily reacted to Victor not agreeing to marry her and she got angry? That facial expression was the inspiration of this makeup look.
[*My apologies. Upon reviewing the movie I realized I made a mistake. The moment from the movie I was talking about was when Emily said "Hopscotch". -Shaun(2014-10-26)] 

This was my solution to going away from using the movie poster as inspiration to making the Emily Corpse Bride look.

So that's it for now. 

I had fun making this. Here's hoping you liked it too.

Thank you for your support. 😊