Learning How Badong Salvador Bernal Designs The Stage

I have designed stages for years now, moving according to what I have learned through previous experience in production design. I did some by feel while taking steps I thought were necessary only when I realized they were needed. I didn't have a solid process yet that I could follow until the workshop.

Some of the stages I have done before ala Oido.
It is not easy work to make a set that would support the storytelling process in a theatrical production.

It takes commitment and a lot of critical thinking aside from creativity to get this done. Bad experiences like missing elements in the design, chaotic process, days to weeks or repetitive work and even disagreements with co-workers happen when there is no process.

The worst is when a team would feel uninspired to follow thru with production because of the challenges encountered.

The only time I do remember having a crash course in production was when I had the chance to visit the CCP exhibit for Salvador F Bernal, The Philippine National Artist for Theater and Design. I was there for a layover flight last October 2013 and I had the chance to glance at the exhibit. I bought the book sold in the exhibit to be able to bring home what I saw, not knowing what was in store for me within a year.

Today, I have gotten what I have been yearning for for quite sometime. It is my 2nd day to be a participant in a Production Design workshop under Mr Gino Gonzales and Mr Eric Cruz.

Mr. Gino Gonzales  and Mr. Eric Cruz are both mentees of Mr Salvador Bernal's successor in Theater Production and Technical Design. 

The lecture made me see what I lack, what I have been doing wrong, what I had never encountered before.
The hands-on exercises surprised me more on how much we can do in such pressed time, because we knew now what to do next after every step.
Within the period of two days, my teammates and I came up with an output of a Ground plan of the Xavier University Little Threatre (LT), a proportioned mini version of the LT (finally knowing how to correctly scale it down).

The most magical was when our team (Group 3) made a set design for a -50+ pager musicale in 3 and a half hours!
A month ago prior the lecture, it would probably take me at least 2 weeks to create these.

Now I have this knowledge to use for the upcoming designs I will be doing in theatre and apply it to my other artistic endeavors (ei. Makeup Design, PSD Toolbox, Theatre Acting, and others).

I thank our teachers Mr Gino Gonzales, Mr Eric Cruz and the team for giving us time from your busy schedule to share your knowledge in Theatre Production.

Special mention to Mr Romeo Toledo and Mr Michael Gomez for assisting us in the workshop.

Thank you to our National Center of Culture and Arts for this event is a educational program under the Badong Bernal National Exhibit Tour.

Thank you 2GO Express, Xavier University, Xavier Center for Culture and Arts, Siete Artes, Mr Hobart Savior and Mr Oscar Floirendo.

I joined the workshop with Mr Egan Seccion and Mr Carlo Olorvida sponsored and representing Dulaang Atenista. Thank you Ray Anthony Lao, our artisctic director and Yves Detablan, our company manager!

I go now, inspired to be in the production team in "Sa North Diversion Road", premiering in 2 weeks.