msShaunOfTheDay Halloween Makeup: Behind The Scenes

"Hi I'm Shaun Pilapil and I didn't expect that starting with the alien makeup, I would end up making a total of 35 Halloween makeup creations in just one month. And because I am so happy,
I am sharing with you behind the scenes footage from our photoshoots.
Oh and I challenge you to watch the video til the the end of 4 minutes 30 seconds.
Just remember, it is just Makeup."

Thank you for without you this wouldn't have become what it is now.

Alien -    Egan Seccion
The Penguin -   Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona
Caesar -    Egan Seccion
Feline -    Mai Santillan
Jeff The Killer -   Arthur Simon
Chucky -    Shaun Pilapil
Freddy Krueger -  Paola Pilapil
Annabelle Doll -  Shaun Pilapil
Mad Hatter -   Egan Seccion
Emily -    Shaun Pilapil
Grandma -   Mai Santillan
Darth Maul -   Arthur Simon
Ryuk -    Cobbie Karagdag
Cruella de Vil -   Sam Cañada
Effie Trinket -   Shaun Pilapil
Dr Frank-N-Furter -  Cobbie Karagdag
Achmed the Terrorist - Kinase Ramos
Uncle Fester Addams - Arthur Simon
Pennywise the Clown - Mai Santillan
Columbia -   Egan Seccion
Magenta -    Shaun Pilapil
Dr Frank-N-Furter -  Cobbie Karagdag
Gomez Addams -  Kinase Ramos
Angry Vampire -  Shaun Pilapil
Thriller Zombie -  Shaun Pilapil
The Joker -   Egan Seccion
Lurch -    Arfil Gamboa
Michael Jackson -  Shaun Pilapil
Regan Macneil -  Kale Ramos
Spider Bite Victim -  Bodi Motoomull
Morticia Addams -  Paola Pilapil
Wednesday Addams - Sarah Lazaga
Pugsley Addams -  Egan Seccion
Thing -    Shaun Pilapil
Edward Cullen -  Bryan Yu
Bloody Zombie -  Kristian Dave Achondo
Maleficent -   Dinah Pios

Thank you ma and pa.

Thank you to the following people for your suggestions:
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And Thank you to everyone who have been pressing the Share button, the Thumbs up and the Like Buttons. Thank you for those who have been commenting on my work. And Thank you God for all my teachers and role models in the field of Art.

God Bless!