Sketching My Ideas

I have a head that functions like a box of ideas crawling out and screaming with legs running excited and kicking angry.

Wow I actually was able to describe it.

Some people regard my ideas as assets, some are simply amused while some use it to their disposal.

These are why I dream that my ideas get me places.

One thing I realize that makes it easier for me to cope is to sketch my ideas. 

I have had difficulty trying to explain my ideas, although practice helps (my friends are witnesses, dba?), sketching these ideas does make it easier for people who tend to have difficulty understanding many of my languages. 😝

Sketching helps me make use of that moment when an idea comes.

Sketching helps me preserve that visual in my head.

Sketching helps me present to others what I was thinking of.

I am Shaun, a crazy sketcher.
*these are some of my sketches from my Costume and Makeup Design book for the incoming play, Sa North Diversion Road. Photo above was taken by Egan. Photo of sketches taken by me.