Burnt Out, Sunburnt But Persistent

I'm proud to say I manned the Glenkeso Designs booth at Centrio for 18 days straight. I was manager, assistant artist, social media promoter and sales lady for that long. 😅

I may have been gone for a long time. Not blogged a single word here except in fb and ig, but I had my hands full. I was immersed in our humble start up. 😊

I have rearranged the booth set up more than 10 times, as I practice my Set Design skills. I have put on front desk makeup and gothic makeup to see the people's different reactions towards my sales pitch. And I have become more tanned for being exposed to the sun before getting sick after Senyang's cold winds passed through and rains luring me back to bed instead of answering passers-by asking questions that are already obvious on a hundred signs i have made hanging in the booth (if only they had eyes).

We sold B&W shirts,
 customized shoes 
then later customized Art Journals 
to support "sketching". 😉

This has grown on me and I have gotten to the point of waking up early, looking forward to opening the shop and getting my sales on to help as we help charity.

Although yesterday was the end of the Christmas Village Bazaar, we now have more people following and liking our work. And even so, we have pending shoes to deliver on the first week of 2015.

Maybe bad for Feng Sui to have pending work by the end of the year but look at the bright side, it means we have sales in the first days of the next year!

Oh yeah! What a great end to my year. i had helped Egan establish his dream of a brand, Glenkeso Designs, after helping my sister flourish with her #PaoTypes products and I had this blog to record my different Missions of different days which started officially with the Halloween Makeup series from two months ago. 😉

Counting down til the New Year and these are just some of my reasons to celebrate!
Friends, Family and new Acquaintances
Thank you for an awesome 2014!