My Brunette Marilyn

Here is Marilyn Monroe with darker hair.  :D

I know.  She was born brunette, but that was when she was Norma Jean Baker. ;)

And it can be Betty Boop (I LOVE HER TOO) but nope.

A little over a week ago, I posted entries on
the KryolanICON contest and I immediately researched about the style of classic Hollywood actresses.  I knew I couldn't leave out ♥ Marilyn .

Take note:
I got myself so tanned this summer so, I had to drastically change my complexion here.
Also I used two different cameras -- on the step-by-step shots (Nokia Lumia, main camera and front camera) and on the final shot (iPhone 5, front camera).

Here is the compilation of the step-by-step process I did to achieve the look.

Please don't mind the background XD
Hair was difficult but Egan helped me (he's very supportive).

Aside from having been admiring how skillfully she painted her face, I also have een drawn to Marilyn Monroe's life story.  I find her so beautiful yet so mysterious.

I placed the song "Heatwave" below for you my friends, esp John Glenn. ;) 

*A big thanks to Paola for the Nokia Lumia 1020, now I can take more pics or maybe vids soon.

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