Inspired Colors Of Christmas Party Make Up

You need a makeup look to be in the festive season of this wonderful time of the year?
I have a suggestion for you.

The Holidays are a-coming and schedules for the office Christmas party or Company Holiday Party, the barkada Christmas party, the family reunion Christmas party, the Hanukkah Party,  the New Year Party, and what-not are filling up your calendar this December.  

Sparkles, glitter, pine green, metallics, and poinsettia red on a Christmas Tree are my inspiration of this look.  I used mainly the Estee Lauder Eye Color Luxuries Makeup Palette.

I started with 79 Summer Linen as the base of the center of the eyes using any eyeshadow brush as wide as my pinky finger.  45 Lavish Mink is then added as the eyeshadow colour that I use to deepen the eyes on this look.  33 Ivy Envy on the corners of the eye crease for added dimension and a very interesting shade of green which reminds me so much of the pine green Christmas tree.  After that, I dab the beautiful 52 Sizzling Copper on the center of the lids to help the eyes pop up more and make the look more sparkly and bright the season.

I use the trusty dandy NYX Eyebrow Gel in 03 Brunette on this look using an angled eyebrow brush.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red was then perfect for the lip to echo the red of poinsettias that bloom this season.

If only I had in hand the Tropical Green Slide on Pencil by NYX, it probably would have taken this look into a new level.

I loved how Christmassy this look was and although these are more than my usual everyday look of neutrals and slightly plumy nude lips, this look was very wearable and fun to wear as well.

How did you like it?
Do you have looks you want to share? Tag me on instagram @MUDbyShaun on your photo of your Holidays Make Up Design.