Discussion: Maintaining Healthy Skin (ft Tea Bird Tea and SkinGoalsPH)

We need to take care of our skin after all the makeup, stress, and unhealthy habits.

Our skin is our largest organs of our body and we need to take big care of it because it is the most exposed to elements.  In turn, our skin also show how healthy we are inside.  Here are some of my natural healthy skin care tips to share.

There are so many things that we cannot dodge our skin from everyday like ultraviolet rays from the sunlight, smoke from cigarettes and vehicles, makeup residue, harmful chemicals in cleaning materials, and even food colouring from the food we may eat.  Yet, we can do preventive measures like putting on skin products with efficient SPF (Sun Protective Factor), avoiding food with artificial colouring and many other solutions.

However, it was five years ago, after I was starting to live independently, when I started to explore different lifestyles.  I came across the idea of vegetarianism, vegan lifestyle, pescetarianism, sustainable living, and organic products.  Most came and went in some part of my life, but the ones that stuck with me were the idea of drinking water, eating healthier, and using organic cleaning products.

Disclaimer:  I am not a dermatologist and I learn thru reading online and listening to skin-experts.

Our bodies are made out of 70% water.  Basically, we are made of mostly water.  Water is what helps our organs function normally, so therefore, water is what can help our skin stay healthy as well.  Sometimes, I also hydrate by drinking detox tea. 

For me eating healthier means knowing what is in your food.  What are the ingredients? How were those ingredients grown or fed? What vitamins and minerals do you get from them?  How were they stored?  Is your food still fresh?

Then lastly, organic or at least cleaning products with non-harmful chemicals, like gentle shampoos and soaps are what I have been using since I could get my hands on them.  I figured, I take a bath everyday.  I am exposed to my shampoo and my soap every single time I wash myself.  It should be a big factor to how healthy it stays as well.  I figured,  I have been taking baths since.  My mother taught me that using soap helps wash out the dirt and germs from my skin and helps me not to stink.  Personally, I like to smell nice and to feel clean so I take a bath at least 2 times a day. :)

I can’t say it is simple to take care of our skin, because I had to go thru a lifestyle transformation as well for some time.  So if you do want to change your lifestyle, all I can advice is to motivate yourself by reminding yourself why this is important for you.  We all have our reasons, so what ever that is, use it as your motivation.  God bless!

What are the main things you do to maintain the health of your skin?
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