Tried The Handmade Organic Citronella Soap from SkinGoalsPH

Finally, found the Citronella Soap that I was wishing for since August and they can be bought here in the Philippines.

It was a month in the rainy season, three months ago, mosquitoes are biting me more often than ever. I turned to Snapchat (was addicted that time) and took a snap of a connect-the-dots pattern of mosquito bites on my left thigh. After which, I ranted.

“Ngano wala’y sabon nga naa’y Citronella akong mapalit sa grocery?” 
(translated to: Why aren’t there any citronella-infused soaps in grocery stores?)

“Makatapul mag mukitero. Ug dili sab pwede mag muskitero ko sa akong lawas whole day, noh?” 
(translated to: Mosquito nets. Hassle.)

A few days after, I got connected with SkinGoalsPH in Facebook, a Cebu City brand.  Surprising enough, it was her own handmade organic soap brand.  Ms Kae’s soaps are so cutely designed and I was smitten but my initial thought and question was “do you have Citronella Soap?”, and I was so happy she is very willing to make some.

SkinGoalsPH History
SkinGoalsPH’s owners, Ms Kae Hernandez and her husband, are into organic farming.  There came a point in their lives when they realised that it was better to continue using organic household items because they noticed that their kids are allergic to some ingredients.  Ms Kae also said that she would rather know first hand what is in what they use.  She studied and started making soaps and she shared the extras she had made to some of her family members. They loved it.  That is when SkinGoalsPH was born.

Citronella Soap Ingredients
The oil-based citronella soaps from SkinGoalsPH have water, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, virgin coconut oil, palm oil, propylene glycol, sugar, glycerin, and citronella essential oil as its ingredients. It is good as additional insect repellent and antiseptic for the skin.

Ms Kae says, her soaps have none of the synthetic ingredients made in laboratories, artificial colourants, and bleaches which sometimes can be found in some soaps.

Skin goals Citronella is 100% organic and handmade using herbs from ms Kae’s garden and made by her loving hands.

My Experience with the SkinGoalsPH Citronella Soap
I loved the gentle smell it has compared to mosquito repellant.  Although it can be an option to put on mosquito repellant after bathing, I notice that the lotion locks in my skin in a layer of product making me feel warmer than usual.  So I prefer the citronella soap.

It is not bubbly like store-bought soaps but I expected this from an oil-based soap. I don’t mind it and I love that it doesn’t leave my skin dry afterwards.  Shaped in a fun square that fits my hand perfectly, I have not dropped my soap in the shower since.

This is how I use this soap:

(1) make skin wet first;
(2) turn off the shower;
(3) put on soap on the entire body;
(4) leave soap on skin for at least a minute;
(5) rinse.

I notice that for a couple of hours far less mosquitoes bite me when I use this.

I will be blogging more about SkinGoalsPH soon — coffee soap, aloevera soap, oatmeal soap, and lemon soap.

I am loving this brand as it was created out of love. And all created out of passion and love spreads more good vibes all over the world. God bless.

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