Qualifying For WCOPA 2017 Team Philippines

"My passion for theatre still lives in me and has my fire has been rekindled with a new BIG DREAM.
December 15, 2016, three ago, I found out that I further passed the second round of auditions for the World Championships of Performing Arts.  This is the "Olympics" of Performing Arts and the National Director of the country, Mr. Gerry Mercado, saying the sweet words of "Congratulations, you made it to Team Philippines" made me speechless.  This is why I'm only crying again two times since, feeling warm and fuzzy inside, as well as light-headed with dreams making me feel like I could fly.
But as all beautiful stories go, the journey will not be easy.  Dreams of flying are different from really flying.  Practically, I need to raise a big amount of money to be able to fly to the USA for next year's competition."

I just noticed this post above again. I wrote that last December 18, 2016.  Just a few days after knowing the news.

I was melancholic, almost problematic, not knowing where to get the funds needed to raise still after the government sponsorship.

Whew.  That was a month ago.

Fast forward to today, I have gotten help from people and although I feel tired from the long days of trying to talk to people, I remain positive about reaching the goal.  BIG HELP from people who feel positive for me as well.

I am going to fly with my wings up and everyone pushing.

I have a long way to go still but I have been on my "fighting-for-my-dream" mode since I finished passing my initial requirements.

Currently on the crowdfunding site YouCaring.com which is quite convenient as every donation gets sent to my paypal immediately.  Plus, I didn't have problems signing up.

Only hangup?  I need more help!


But in all honesty, I feel so happy already that people have begun to help. ❤️

Thank you God for the strength and humility to be able to genuinely approach people for help.  For those who have responded, bless your hearts. 😊

This journey is to be continued...

(this was originally published in Shaun's old blog last January 29, 2017)