Beauty and The Beast 2017 Remake Spoiler-Free Movie Review

I promise I will absolutely give no spoilers in this review, as always.

I dodged every post, status review, and buzz related to the newest block buster movie everywhere yesterday because I wanted to go to the movies with no biases except for HOW I LOVED EVERY BIT OF THE ORIGINAL MOVIE SO PLEASE... DON'T MESS IT UP! 

Emma And Dan
Let's begin with the main cast of
Beauty portrayed by Emma Watson, and the Beast portrayed by Dan Stevens.

My comment on this pair up will only be described by the emoji ❤️.

TBH, I thought Emma Watson was just casted as Belle to ring up the big bucks by capitalizing on Hermoine.  But I am glad I was wrong.

A beautiful smart woman on and off the blue screen and an experienced actor with CGI.  Emma was the perfect belle for Belle.

Dan Stevens.  Where have I seen him before?  *searches what is found on Wikipedia* Oh he was Sir Lancelot on The Night At The Museum 2!

But seriously, I don't remember him from anything yet I learned to love CGI Beast!  There must be something there that wasn't there before.  Oh! 😊

The Other Beauty and Beast (at the same time)
Gaston.  Oh, Luke Evans you portrayed him so well that I remembered how icky Gaston is.  I actually cussed out of being irritated by the character!

So sorry for the fellow moviegoers earlier.

"Truly Enchanting Then It Turned Beautiful and Magical!"

The makers made the movie in the true spirit of Disney's original animated version of the fairytale.

Patterned to the original movie's cinematography, costumes, soundtrack, casting, scene design, camera angles, and more.

The Cast Was A Dream
Casting was perfect.  From the castle folk to the village folk, I appreciated their characterization. 

They may not have been exact replicas of their cartoon counterparts but it was a surprise so I will not tell you in this blog post who plays who.  Even if you saw the poster with the supporting actors, you wouldn't be able to tell exactly who they are in the movie.  So I will let you enjoy that surprise. 

But just to tell you, dodging every post and spoiler was so worth it for the surprise of revealing them for me.

Running Time:  2hrs 10mins

Movie Schedules in Cagayan de Oro 

March 16-22, 2017

Centrio Cinema 1
1:10 PM
3:50 PM

9:45 PM

Centrio Cinema 2
12:50 PM
3:40 PM
9:50 PM

Centrio Cinema 3
3:45 PM
9:45 PM

Do go to the cinema early, schedules may change.