Beast Makeup Transformation (Disney Beauty and The Beast 2017 Movie)

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Thank you for reaching this post. :)  I'm happy that I am not alone in this obsession over the latest movie from Disney.

Below is the newest among my makeup videos.  It is a makeup transformation video from bare-faced me to Disney's Beast a.k.a. Prince Adam in Beast mode. hehe!

I am proud to say I am adding this to the many halloween makeup makeup ideas in the main site also among the movie looks included from Disney.

Click on the video play button to see the transformation.

I was so inspired by Disney Beauty and The Beast 2017 remake of the 1991 animated movie of the same title.

I add this to my mix of Halloween Makeup tutorials.

A lot of people, including myself fell in love with the Beauty and The Beast 1991 animated  movie.

DISCLAIMERS:  The Beast from the movie is not my original character design and it is by Disney. This video is only with makeup and not with how to make the horns for the beast, or the facial hair for the beast.

Hesitant about a "more realistic" remake of the film, here are my feelings about the Beauty and The Beast 2017 version:


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Video recorded on iPhone SE

Edited with iMovie on iPhone SE

Music by Andrew Applepie:




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