Kong: Skull Island Makes Kong More Real To Me Now

NO SPOILERS promise!
Kong: Skull Island was just released in Philippines cinemas this week.  And this tells me a more clear story with actors that do not overpower the storytelling.

Expect this star-studded film with the actors Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. Riley, and (of course my favourite) John Goodman leading this retold story of discovering King Kong.

The movies shows how humanity face problems when unknown and unexpected situations dawn upon us.  Even though this is set in the past times, modern themes revolving around this movie are still very relevant.  Maybe even more relevant to today's times.

Kong: Skull Island Trailer

The trailer can tell us that this is set in a time when footage and photographs were taken on film.  I read that this is set in 1971 (source: Cinemablend.com).

Men in military uniforms with guns, a woman and John Goodman armed with cameras fly in helicopters to an area where trees cover the surface. Then they meet the King.

To be honest, I did not know why Kong was called "King Kong" before watching this movie.  There has been the 2005 film King Kong by Peter Jackson, the 1976 film King Kong by Dino de Laurentiis, and 1933 King Kong by Merrian Cooper.

Having watched the movie, I can say Kong can symbolize a lot of things.

No spoilers as promised.

Why Watch This Movie
This movie is not only two hours of entertainment and cool graphics.  This movie will be a good reminder for us all to remember our connection and responsibility to our fellow Earthlings — creatures and nature alike.

Amidst a cast of strong male actors, Brie Larson's Mason Weaver was perfect to portray a female photojournalist who has opinions and principles she stands by with.

As for John Goodman, my favourite good guy actor ever, it broke my heart for him to portray Bill Randa. Why?  Sorry, can't do spoilers.

CGI Was Realistic That I Felt Like the Story Was Real
As an actor, it is my responsibility to make my character real to give dignity to the story.  The same goes with everything else in every film.  The motion graphics convinced me that Kong was real so as to make the storytelling more dignified.

Running Time:  2hrs

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