Powder Matte Lipstick With The Perfect Touch Of Nude

I'm going to share with you a product that I got a few days ago.  I was just trying it out for a while to see how I really feel about the product.

The Rave Is Real!
The Maybelline New York The Powder Mattes Colorsensational Lipsticks were just released a few weeks ago and they are flying off the shelf. 

I got it in the shade Touch of Nude. And, I understand why people are raving about it because just look at the shade. It is pretty. Very pretty. And, while I was in the store, somebody was looking for this exact shade as well. 

I'm so sorry for that girl because I had the last tube. She's going to have to wait for the next batch I'm so sorry I feel so mean right now. Hehe.

Touch of Nude matches perfectly on my lips.  I am a medium skin toned Filipina with part Chinese and Spanish blood.  I can wear some foundations with yellow undertones and some with pink undertones.  It is confusing sometimes but this lipstick just fits my complexion.

Watch the video to see how this lipstick applied on my lips even without using a lipstick brush.
In terms of formula, it feels like my lipstick Happy Skin. I have one at home in the shade IT girl. 

What do I think?
This is a steal basically. 

Really congratulations to Maybelline you really named it properly, I mean “Powder Mattes”. This doesn't feel glossy. This doesn't feel icky. It doesn’t feel slimy. 

I could even go on entire afternoon without remembering that I had lipstick on. It doesn't feel like I have any product on my lips. It is very light weight and it does feel like powder. 

So I have a feeling this is gonna be sold out always. Especially since, it’s a new product and the makeup hype on it is already high!

Watch Out For More Reviews
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Jordana from their Modern Matte Lipstick. I have it in the shade number 15 Matt Goddess. 

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