Thoughts Of A 90s Kid On Saban's Power Rangers Movie

I, a kid who grew throughout the 90s, am having flashbacks after watching Saban's Power Rangers.
"Ako si Kimberly!  Ako si Pink Ranger!" I could remember saying that to my sister.  She is Trini, the Yellow Ranger of course.   
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was on TV at dinner time.  Right after afternoon playtime of patintero, chinese garter, scotty, Barbie2x and bato lata with my barangay barkada. 

Nostalgia full force on MUDbyShaun.

Here are some questions and thoughts I had after watching the movie.
BTAB then The Power Rangers?
Just last week, we were treated to the reimagining into live action version of the Disney movie Beauty and The Beast (BTAB).  It got me singing tunes from the original soundtrack for a good six days probably.  The BTAB craze has died down a bit but when I watched Saban's Power Rangers in Centrio Mall Cinemas last Sunday, there was still a cue for the Disney movie.

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This week marks the dates we get to watch the reimagining of (personally) one of my favourite heroes from when I was still a kid.  It became available in Philippine cinemas and around the world since last Thursday and I hope they extend the showing dates because a lot more friends are hoping to see it.  Especially since payday is coming! hahhaha

Do I Mind The Remakes?
I really do not mind the trend of remaking movies from the 90s.  Especially if they redo these to improve the execution of graphics, special effects, and to reinforce the foundations of the background stories.

Sure producers are hoping to recapture the audience from a generation that has grown up and now have buying power, per se.

But, the Power Rangers were my heroes growing up and it was so exciting to watch this movie based on what I had in my childhood!

The 90s was cool and cinemas are bringing them back making them cooler!

Running Time:  2hrs 6mins

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