A Head Full Of Dreams Coldplay Tour In Manila Ticket Price and VenueReview (PLUS Personal Experience)

We were in the Bronze area, second farthest from the stage. But thanks to the 3-inch tube leg of a railing, we were able to balance and elevate ourselves above a see of heads and cellphones. 

I was up on the first song. 

Egan was on the second. 

Then we'd switch again and so forth.

Taking turns per song, we would get to see the entire stage,
witness a 5-milimeter small but energetic Chris Martin, BUT feel the whole-hearted performance by Coldplay even better.
Blessed. Thank you for this gift gyud!

Below is my review and the schedules of the Coldplay AHFOD 2017 Tour.

Number of times cried = 2

During “The Scientist”, when Chris Martin encouraged everyone to sing… it was my turn to put my feet on the ground so I relied solely on my ears to feel the song, and my heart to sing along.

“…Nobody said it was easy…” I choked and cried.  Maaan!  It felt real to me.

So much relevance to what I have been going thru.

Worth it?
Let me lay out the facts first.

  • The Bronze ticket was priced at Php 3,500 when it was bought.  

  • I was not able to measure the distance of the stage to the where Egan and I ended up in the the Bronze area but with the help of Google Maps App, I made an estimate of the distance.  190 - 220 meters far.

  • If it wasn’t for the tube leg of the railing that helped me and Egan be elevated to see the show, we would have probably hated this evening.

  • There was still General Admission behind us who paid Php 1,800.  I can’t imagine how that must’ve been.

  • Silver, Php 7,000. The prices starts getting paintful.  They didn’t have a big screen to look into except the ones from the stage.

  • Gold, Php 12,500.  They did’t have a big screen either but they were fairly near the thrust stage in the middle and the Platinum stages.

  • Platinum, Php 17,500.  Wow, you pay big but get big in return with three songs sung in two different round stages on each side.  Sister got this, and said she was happy to see Coldplay play really near.

  • “This is one of the most difficult concerts to get in, so solves nako ato.  Dugay na pod ko gahulat sa ila.  First time pa gyud nila sa Philippines and dugay na na gi-request na magplay sila dinhi.” says Paola, Platinum AHFODtourMNL concert goer. (translation:  This is one of the most difficult concerts to get in, so yes it is worth it to me.  I have waited for them for a long time.  It is their first time here in the Philippines and they have been requested to play here for the longest time already.)

  • VIP, Php 22,500.  In your face action, first rows from the band.  If you have the money, by all means.

For me, the winning point is and always will be the band.  COLDPLAY is one (if not the best) among bands producing music now that inspires and connects to humanity.

Second winning point is the production’s technicals with all the lighting, including the Xylobands that light up synced every song with a different setting making you feel like a part of the entire show no matter which area you were in, beautiful overall concept design of the show, and the fireworks.

Third, the security.  I had no problem with how the layout made the entrance and exits of the audience smooth.

The wait under the sun was excruciating to the legs and skin.

The distance from the stage felt too much in my opinion with how much my Pa and Ma paid for the tickets.

The merch had painful prices too.

Would I watch another ColdPlay concert again?

Yes. But maybe I will study up on the options of admission and the price.  Then I will go with the best VIP option. Because it may seem shallow but I want to leave the concert with confetti in my hair.  Take that figuratively, and boom!

Coldplay AHFOD 2017 Tour Dates and Venues


  1. I would love to see Coldplay live. My sister is seeing them in California in a few months and I am super jealous.

  2. This would be fun to see. I've always enjoyed Coldplay songs.

  3. Oh man I have always loved Cold Play. I would love to see them in concert one of these days.

  4. I am going to see them in July and am talking my two boys!!!! Looking forward to it!

  5. Glad you guys had such a great time! Those xylobands are amazing, aren't they?

  6. So glad that you had a good time! I have been dying to see Coldplay in concert for ages, love their music x

  7. I haven't been to a concert in FOREVER. My kids REALLY want to see Bruno Mars LOL!

  8. I am definitely jealous. It looks like you had an amazing time. Someday I am going to have to see Coldplay do a show live.

  9. Looks like you had a great time! I love Coldplay but I never got to see the concert. It would have been worth it though. With all the posts going around, it looks like a damn good concert!

  10. It sounds like the stadium wasn't all that great from a spectator's viewpoint. Concerts are so expensive these days.

  11. I'm sure it was amazing! Coldplay knows how to handle concerts well and make it fun for everyone who's attending. It's definitely worth it, they're an awesome band.

  12. How exciting that you got to go. I've not seen them yet but want to and can't wait to.

  13. Concerts are SO expensive these days! The best shows I've ever seen weren't that pricey and were general admission so first come first served and you could go right to front row.

  14. Glad you've enjoyed the concert and had a blast. :)

  15. I loved going to concerts, going to see Bey in Italy with my daughter this summer.

  16. GOIUNG CONCERTS IS A GOOD THING, YOU GET TO SEE THOSE ARTISTS YOU ADORE CLOSE RANGE AND SOMETIMES GET LUCKY ENOUGH FOR A PHOTO OR SOMETHING, good to know this is one cool tour, Coldplay rocks and a tour with them is massive.

  17. I love coldplay! They're definitely one of the music acts I'll buy a concert ticket for. Sounds like the concert was awesome.

  18. its really amazing . i love coldplay .......


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