MAKEUP TIPS: How I Make My Makeup Travel Safe

Hello everyone.
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In this video I'm going to share with you how I make my makeup travel safe.

Alright so let's start.

When making my make up travel safe I make sure I have bubblewrap with the smoother side facing outward. Usually people do it oppositely but I do it this way for my eyeshadow palettes especially powder-based but I also have a palette that is cream-based that has a very big mirror, so I still wrapped in bubble wrap.

It is very fragile.

I also have another small eyeshadow palette that is smaller but I still bubble wrap it because it is smaller and precious to me.

Next is my most fragile eyeshadow palette.

I wrapped it in 360° of bubble wrap because it has been bumped before and one of the eyeshadows already propped out.

Play the video below to see what I mean.
So I make sure I protect this palette very well. Oh yeah and I still remember the foundation powder also got cracked that one time it got bumped.

This last one is Kryolan HD powder. Some of the powder leaked out but that's fine. It's quite normal since it is very very fine.

I wrap it in bubble wrap because it's very precious to me.

Some makeup that I do not mind inserting in the crevices aroungd my kit. These are Make up products that are well protected in their own packaging. They could be in their plastic wrap or their boxes. Maybe they have been built to really withstand moving around your kit..

So I just insert them around. Since they're not fragile makeup.

There is this little case that I bought in True Value. it is where I keep my little trinkets like my bracelets just so they don't get lost in my kit.

Getting rid of the first layer here you see what happens when I don't bubble wrap something that is powder-based and fragile. My Maybelline blush there it broke. And the powder is all over my makeup kit and I'm going to have to clean up everything. All the other Mika are fine though.

Underneath are my Kryolan palettes. They have really good packaging and they never gave me any problems.

My eyelashes are in their own respective casings and are safe.

Other makeup that are not fragile are everywhere in the crevices of the kit. Except for the blush that broke earlier.

Fashion21 Cosmetics (a Filipino makeup brand) has an eyeshadow palette that has been with me for quite some time now. And I've experienced them getting bumped every now and then but they are still fine so I don't really worry about this palette too much.

And then some more cream make up on the bottom.  My eye contacts for costume make up as well as m and my coy eyelash glue and concealer are totally safe.

So that's it.

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