Matte Lipstick Reviews And Why I Use These For Theatre Makeup

In this video I'm going to share with you a thorough review of 3 best matte lipsticks I have in my kit for film and theatre makeup.

The reason why I love matte lipsticks is you can always make a matte lipstick into a glossy lipstick.  It is easier than transforming a glossy lipstick into a matte lipstick.

When you are in theatre, you will really really need a lot of matte products, matte lipsticks, matte foundations, matte blushes, matte eyeshadows, matte everything.

Because when theatre lights hit you, anything glossy will look oily-looking on stage.

That is my experience.

Matte everything!

Just remember to moisturize throughout the day until before you wear the makeup.

Watch the video of the full review.

Matte Jordana Lipstick in Matte Goddess 
The small tube makes it easier to apply the lipstick on your lips without over drawing. You can line your lips with the same tube before filling it it.

The only thing I didn’t like about this is the packaging with its cover that gets knock off quite easily in my bag.

The same shade goes on your lips as it does on the tube. A bit heavy and creamy with its faint buttery smell is a great steal for less than 200 PH pesos or less than $4.

Matte NYX Lipstick Alabama
A blue-toned red lipstick with a bigger tube which can be tricky when applying.  I usually prefer using a lipstick brush with this.

The beautiful color makes teeth appear whiter.  A bit satin, not totally matte in my opinion.

It can smell a bit waxy.  But still a good buy as I have worn this many times on stage as my go-to theater makeup.

Vibrant Violet Matte Lipstick by Maybelline 
I was obsessing over purple lipsticks, specifically Heroine by MAC, and I wanted to get my hands on something similar while being a makeup artist in Cagayan de Oro.

The big lipstick tube makes it a challenge not to overdraw the lips.  Use a lipstick brush for better shaping your lips.

The color goes on the same color as on the tube.
Vibrant color indeed that is empowering to the point of making me feel like Rihanna, personally.

Only con, product moves on the lips.

That's it.  Thank you and watch out for more reviews.
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