Health Improvement Mission: Step By Step, Stone By Stone, Day By Day

I will succeed with my spirit lifted by the words of Whitney Houston "Step by Step, Stone by Stone, Brick by Brick". Wooh sing it!

What Is Happening?
I need to lose weight fast but safely.  I have no plans to starve myself like I did before.  Am I desperate? Oh, please no.  Haha!

I just need to be prepared for travelling and participating in an international competition for performing arts, WCOPA 2017.  That is the World Championships of Performing Arts, I wrote about it here in my blog as well.

Wish me luck?

What Is My Status?
I am 5'3" tall and 154lbs heavy (the last time I checked).

Remember back in school when our BMIs or Body Mass Indexes are calculated to indicate whether we are on a healthy weight range or not?  I do.  So I used it as a reference.

Google is friend and directed me to, where I can check my BMI by inputting my height in feet and inches, then my weight in lbs.

The result, 27.3.  Normal range is 21-25, so this means, I am overweight.

Not shocked here.

Why Am I Not Shocked?
It is simple really.  I love to eat.

I have another blog called , a blog about food and travel because food fascinates me.  I know how to cook.  I know where to eat as well.  I find it interesting to study or try new dishes from different cultures every now and then ever since I was 9.  I have had the interest in learning about food.  I loved how gatherings can happen around food.

Because of this curiosity, my palette became wide-ranged.  Accepting more tastes. And eventually years after, I'd own a blog dedicated to food variety and wonderful fusions.

Just do not give me sea urchin.

How Active Am I On Normal Days?
I'm not.  I am a theatre actor and it means when I am not currently involved in a theatre production, I am probably looking for part-time projects on the internet.

For the past 6 months, I have had 3 productions that were one-month long each. This means the 3 months were spent editing photos, videos, and writing about different cosmetic-related products and food establishments.  So I was either on my phone or the laptop while sitting down.

Exercise, nil.

How Do I Plan To Lose Weight?
Lessen rice in diet and exercise.

How Will I Exercise?
Back in April 6, 2017, I was proud to announce in my personal Instagram account that I swam non-stop for more than 22 minutes.

Proud to say this did not stop, except when I needed for 5 days due to "girl's red visitor".

I can swim on a slow steady pace for long period of time.  Back in high school, I trained as part of the Swimming Varsity Member.

Brisk Walk + Jogging
I also was a Basketball player.  Running did not bother me, once upon a time.  So I presume jogging a bit will not bother me too much. (This was about a decade ago, I'm sure I am so wrong. Help me!)

30-day Tummy Challenge
Supportive fiancé also found a "30-day Smaller Tummy" challenge he found on a video so we will try that together.

Wish me luck!