Affordable Stage Makeup Kits Also Good For Theatrical Makeup

I have been meaning to share my ideas on what to do with makeup when going on stage or going under strong lights (Note: I said strong lights) and so I guess this is a long overdue blog post.

Playing and studying theatrical makeup for performances since 2010 gave me a stock of suki makeup I always recommend.  This paired with what I learned in workshops, I have come up with a formula for a kit that balances budget to effectivity of products.

Disclaimer:  First, I understand that there are some items that perform better as well as items I use other than what I share below.  Second, I have designed this list to accommodate productions and artists that have a median budget.  Thirdly, some products below are effective even if all are not hypoallergenic.  Fourth, this is not a sponsored post.  Lastly, those labeled with asterisk or * are optional.

So here are the makeup I currently recommend for a stage makeup kit:

This is for erasing your face.  And with this I mean to make your face a blank slate.  A shade that perfectly matches and blends away into your jaw is perfect.  Do remember to include neck.

  • Fashion 21 Foundation Stick to your shade (I can use Almond or Natural)
  • Aido Sponge (wet first then squeeze until damp)
  • Nichido 2-way Pressed Powder OR Maxfactor PanCake Foundation (I can use Golden or Tan)

When strong lights are hitting your face, you would want your face to not look flat and without dimension.  A good way to imitate shadows is putting makeup on your face using colors that match the shadows on your face.  Do remember the contours on your eyelids by putting eyeshadow on the crease as well as your nose and jaw.
  • Fashion 21 Foundation Stick in darker shade (I use Warm Tea)
  • FSCosmetics Espresso or Coffee Arabica

If you have successfully erased your face with foundation, we need to put life back on you.  Hehe!  Yes boys, including you.  Let's put blush on you, even just a little. Sometimes, you can also use this blush on your eyelids if desired.
  • Maybelline Cheeky Glow Coral OR FSCosmetics Cheek Blush in Coral Pink

It would be a shame for your face to be emotionless.  Eyebrows speak so much so let us draw you some brows, or at least create a few shadows to imitate what you have.
  • Nichido Mineral Eye Liner in Brown
The eyes should be visible so a little liner goes a long way.  Good thing that we can double purpose the same product we used for the eyebrows on this circumstance.  But if you want a different product, be my guest.
  • *Fashion21 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (this gives a darker and more defined eye line)

If it is important for you to show your eyes to pop more, use this.  But if your stage is far from audiences, I find it can be optional.
  • *Maybelline Hyper Curl Volum Express

Also so you wont look dead or too pale (especially when nervous), we need you to have color on your lips.  If you are a guy who would not want any lipstick, you can go for the first option which is a lipbalm.
  • Maybelline Baby Lips in Antioxidant Berry
  • Ever Bilena Matte in Toast of New York (nude-brown)
    • OR Nyx Matte Lip Creams in Prague (pink-fuchsia)
    • OR Nyx Matte in Alabama (red)
Get a travel brush kit with the basic brushes so you can utilize your makeup better.  Opting to use the brushes in the makeup above is also ok, but may lead you to wasting some of the makeup due to very firm brushes.  The worst thing that could happen is to scratch your face and irritate it.
  • Fashion 21 Travel Brush Kit OR any kit with at least the following:
    • Foundation Brush
    • Blush Brush
    • Eyeshadow Brushes (at least 2)
    • Lip Brush (allows you to apply lipstick better)

There you go. My list. If you buy the basics above you would probably reach about 2000 PH Pesos.  I swear this is a reasonable price to invest in a good bunch of makeup that can last you at the most 3 years.  Just make sure you keep your makeup sanitized.

Another thing, practice putting on this makeup.  Test it with harsh lights like natural sunlight in front of the window or artificial lights made for stage or sets.

Aim for these example below:
Thank you for reading my article.  How do you like the makeup I have shared above? Also, do you have any suggestion of products that I should have included or what you always use?
Please feel free to comment below.