More Fun Summer With Sun Skin Care Essentials

Photo by the pool at One Oasis Condominium CDO with my fellow CDO Bloggers
(c) Shugah Pauline Gonzales

Personally, I love going to the beach during the summer to just spend days swimming and bumming around though nowadays, even spending time near a pool rejuvenates my inner child.

I grew up visiting relatives in neighbouring provinces and swimming in a natural spring or the beach during summer time. Sometimes, even if my family decides to go home after a weekend visit, I would ask my mom and dad to leave me behind for a week extension or two.

Being with my cousins (at a time when outdoor games was the number one App on iOs and Android) and being able to catch the sun was pure bliss. Carefree and just thinking of either to swim or play under the heat of the tropical summer sun, I would end up as the darkest shade of me within a week. Haha!

But looking back, I would never trade those times to just staying under the shade.

Before: Sunscreen!
Sunburnt with peeling skin, I would cry lying on my back. There were also times when my nose would peel off. But after a couple of times of doing this pattern, I discovered that sunburn is not really fun.

Banana Boat.  I have finished 3 bottles of the same brand the past years and the Sunscreen for Sports one (Banana Boat Sport Performance With Powerstay Technology) seems to be the best since it is built to stay on even when sweating or in this case swimming.

During: Goggles
Skin around the eyes, namely the lids and under eye are very sensitive. Protect at all costs.

Plus, wearing a pair of goggles then dipping in the cold waters to explore what creatures are living underneath was pure entertainment every time. Unknowingly, I became an explorer who liked to push myself to swim further so I could see more.

Wear goggles.  I personally don't have a preference because all goggles have worn out on me. What used to be "anti-fog" would fog eventually after a few uses. So lately, I just pick up anything that fits well and has a bit of reflective surface to act as "eyeglasses" while I'm on and in water.

I do not recommend getting too dark lenses so you can see in both day and night swimming.
Dual purpose ;)

After: Sun Remedies
When all is too late, (ouch) there is little you can do to damaged skin.  There are ways to remedy it though.

My fave is the traditional petroleum jelly.

I found that chilled Clean and Clear moisturizer was a very nice remedy too even if you did use sunscreen.
This part of the world, summer is over, but there are always long weekends, the mid school year break, or next summer.
As for the other side of the world, enjoy summer to the fullest but don't forget these sun buddies!

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