What Haters Said When Gal Gadot Was Cast As Wonder Woman (NO SPOILERS)

When it was announced that Gal Gadot was picked to play the role of Wonder Woman in the DC movie series of the same name, a lot of people reacted negatively due to what they have seen her do and how she looked like.

I want to discuss some of these negative remarks made by some people (including myself) and at the bottom of this article I will explain how these remarks made the movie what it is.

"Gal Gadot Too Skinny To Be Strong"
One of the very commonly shared opinions of people towards DC Extended Universe picking Gal Gadot to play Wonder Woman is that the actress does not fit the role physically. I too said so.

Because we saw her star in The Fast and The Furious as the skinny and tall girl we were quick to judge that she didn't have the physique to be Wonder Woman.

After 6 months of gym work, martial arts, and an intensive diet, she shows us a different Gal Gadot.

Turns out she was trained in the Isreali Military, and she is stronger than we thought she was.
Gal Gadot was even 5 months pregnant during shooting of some of her scenes!

"Gal Gadot has no boobs to save the movie"
A few people said that she was too flat-chested and her head looked too big.

Personally, I think her chest size should not matter because wardrobe can fix that. What mattered to me more was if she could move really good and judging by the videos above, I say, yes, she can move.

It also mattered to me if she could depict different emotions.

My Opinion Of How The Movie Ended Up To Be
I just recently watched the movie.  Wow! Was I impressed!

After all the negativity the actress and production faced before the movie came out, it seems they really wanted to prove a lot of people wrong.

Could it really be true? I'm now admiring the Gal. ;)

For some people they say "Gal Gadot is saving DC".  It could be true. But honestly, I think the entire production including co-actors, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, David Thewlis (yes Mr. Weasly), Connie Nielsen,  and more worked so hard for this.  DC comics's Batman Returns by Burton was my favorite, until this one.

My inner kid enthusiastically tried to imitate Wonder Woman's moves( which Twitter had a campaign on #ShieldStrike #LassoOfTruth #ScissorKick #PowerStance) the minute I got home.

I can't blame why cinemas are extending it.

Now, go and watch curious person ;)